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NAIM FraimLite

NAIM FraimLite

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For entry-level Naim Audio systems, our FraimLite features the same tripod-style configuration, carefully optimised shelf spacing and high-quality material construction of our reference-quality Fraim.

It retains the cup-and-cone interface system used by its bigger brother too, but omits the dual layer base and ball-bearing decoupled glass shelf. Reference Fraim levels can be incorporated into the same system as FraimLite so that you can upgrade to our top of the range equipment support on a level-by-level basis.


  • Fraim platforms available in Cherry, Natural Ash and Black finishes
  • Extruded anodized aluminium Fraim legs available in three heights, and in silver or black finishes
  • Modular design allows for system expansion over time
  • Decoupled structure with inter-level cup-and-cone interfaces underneath shelves
  • Stainless steel floor spikes for maximum isolation
  • Optimised shelf spacing to reduce magnetic interaction between components

FraimLite takes the core Fraim concepts and components and strips them back to the fundamentals to create entry-level engineered support for less ambitious Naim Audio systems or lower budgets. Stripping back to the fundamentals however implies no lack of performance or aesthetic quality. The philosophy of the entire Fraim concept is based on engineering integrity, and that philosophy is fully expressed in FraimLite.
Rather than two-stage base level isolation, FraimLite incorporates just a single set of three cone and cup minimal contact interfaces. Each FraimLite shelving level then forgoes the Fraim’s glass sub-shelf to support equipment directly on veneered composite panels.

A FraimLite module comprises a single element base level with multiple shelving levels above. The base level and each shelving level incorporate a single set of cone and cup interfaces. As with the reference-level Fraim, FraimLite support enables Naim Audio electronics to perform by providing the ideal motionless environment. Even modest Naim Audio electronics will benefit, with greater detail resolution, more accurate dynamics, and simply more music

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Level Height

  • Standard level 150 mm
  • Medium level 225 mm
  • Tall level 229 mm
  • Base level 79 mm
Available Height (per level)

  • Standard level 131 mm
  • Medium level 206 mm
  • Tall level 280 mm

Shelf Dimensions

  • 452 x 340 mm (W x D)

Overall Dimensions

  • 643 x 442 mm (W x D)

  • Standard level 3.5kg
  • Medium level 4.1kg
  • Tall level 4.75kg
  • Base level 2.8kg
Shipping Weight

  • Standard 5.4 kg
  • Medium 6 kg
  • Tall level 6.65 kg
  • Base level 4.7 kg
  • Twin level 8.9 kg
  • Base and level 8.2 kg


  1. Shelves - Ash, Cherry, Black Ash
  2. Uprights - Natural anodised, Black anodised

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