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DYNAUDIO Music7 Dark Grey


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Music 7 - Sommarkampanj! Väggfäste på köpet, värde 799 kr!

Info: Dynaudio Music Wall Bracket

Intelligent wireless music system

  • Local push buttons
  • free Android and iOS app
  • IR remote control
  • Digital optical input
  • HDMI with Audio Return Channel

Music 7 uses powerful digital processing to sense where it's been placed. It optimises its performance to fit (even when you move it) and adjusts itself on the fly for varying noise-levels, so your music sounds clear at any volume. Connect it to your phone, your CD player, your TV… listen however you want.

The intelligent wireless music system that automatically adapts to your room, your lifestyle and even your musical tastes.

Music 7 is the big one. Like the Music 5, it’s mains-powered with an optical input – but it's also packing two 1in soft-dome tweeters, two 3in midrange drivers and twin 5in woofers. It even has an HDMI connection with Audio Return Channel so you can use it as a soundbar under your TV.

No more wondering what to listen to next from your online services: Music Now knows what you love, and plays it at the touch of a button. All you have to do is enjoy.

And like every other product in the Music family, Music 7 uses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) to sense the conditions in the room – where it's placed, what the ambient volume is – and constantly adapt its performance to suit. You might not hear it doing its thing… but you'd definitely know if it wasn't.

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DYNAUDIO Music Wall Bracket
DYNAUDIO Music Wall Bracket
799 kr/st



2Drivers:2 x 1in tweeters, 2 x 3in midrange, 2 x 5in woofers

Amplifier power:6*50W for woofer, midrange and tweeter
Power consumption:100W standby<0.5W

Samples rates:32-96 KHz
Bit rates (bit):16-24
Battery life:N/A
Specification sheet for Music part 1Weight:7.7kg
Dimensions (H x W x D):201 x 819 x 185mm
Frequency Response:40Hz - 40kHz
Distortion %THD:<0.3%
Acoustic enclosure type:Vented box

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