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Chord Clearway Analogue cable features unique Chord Company ARAYconductor geometry, developed from the award-winning Sarum TunedARAY. ARAY conductor geometry allows us to produce cables that carry high levels of detail and dynamic information. Most importantly, this ARAYconductor cable carries signals with real musical coherence. EveryClearway interconnect is built to an exacting standard and rigorously tested at our UK facility. The Clearway Analogue is part of a range of interconnects and speaker cables, including analogue and digital cables, along with the award-winning Chord Clearway speaker cable. To obtain the best performance from this cable:Switch off all equipment before fitting or removing cables.Connect the cable so that the arrow on the cable points away from the source component.When fitting or removing, always use the plug and apply a gentle twisting motion. Never pull directly on the cable. Avoid touching the contact areas of the plug. Route the cable away from speaker cables and power cables where possible.The ARAY conductor technology allows us to produce cables that will sound extremely good when first connected. However, like all cables, its performance will improve with use and the transparency that the ARAYconductor design brings will make the gains in musical coherence easy to hear.

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