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ChordMusic RCA

The ChordMusic analogue cable is the most transparent cable we’ve heard. So clear that we could hear each change we made. First we tried a material designed to minimise mechanical noise. The original prototype RCA was astonishing just as it was, but we were curious. The noise reduction material bought extra clarity and silence, which given what we already had was surprising. Then we fitted an extremely lightweight, external silver-plated braid that could be used to cover the cable assembly. Again there was an extra degree of silence which we could hear clearly on the ChordMusic but not on other cables we’d tried it with.

The final colour was decided – white, although black versions are available to order. Plugs remain the same silver-plated ultra-low mass contacts with a machined PTFE surround. We have yet to find a better RCA plug.

This is how all current ChordMusic RCA cables are made and this is what you’ll listen to if you visit a ChordMusic retailer and borrow one to try at home.

The lessons we’ve learned over the past few years have been both glorious and somewhat sobering.

Glorious because the Tuned ARAY and the Super ARAY conductor designs can transform the sound from CDs and streaming devices into music that sounds so much more real, believable and emotionally involving.

Sobering because the Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY conductor designs explicitly show just how much more conventional cables designs can blunt the potential performance of pretty much any audio system.

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