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DYNAUDIO Sub 6 Black Satin


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21 490 kr Leverantörslager
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High-end low end

The subwoofer that matches seamlessly with your Dynaudio speakers… intelligently. Brand-new driver design, sophisticated DSP and full parametric EQ ensure a tailor-made fit for your set-up

The Sub 6 is designed to integrate seamlessly with all Dynaudio speakers – and has a special trick up its sleeve for anything from the Contour range upwards (Contour, Confidence, Evidence, Special Forty, Special Twenty-Five).

It features advanced intelligent DSP technology that tailors its performance so closely to a user’s system that it can confidently turn a two-way speaker system in a three-way one. For other models, including non-Dynaudio speakers, the crossover frequency, gain and phase can be set manually.

In charge of its powerful bass response are two brand-new 24cm MSP+ Hybrid Drive units, designed specifically for subwoofers, alongside a 500W power amplifier built into its base. These new drivers sit at either end of the carefully constructed sealed enclosure design, which stands wider than it does deep to help it sit more discreetly against a wall.

The Sub 6 has dual RCA and XLR connections to suit most systems and comes with a number of handy features to help larger and more advanced setups. This includes the ability to set a time-delay to ensure the sub and speakers are working perfectly in sync with one another. All a user has to do is enter the distance from the sub to the speakers and the sub will adjust itself automatically using both time and phase delays. There’s also a fully parametric EQ, including three filters to counter the effects of any room modes, to ensure the best possible performance.

Two-way to three-way
The Sub 6 integrates so well into existing Dynaudio setups because our engineers decided to go over and above the call of duty to assess the acoustic characteristics of each of our popular high-end hi-fi speakers – and then create a custom performance map for each one. This information is built into the Sub 6 so, using its display and menu system, users can choose the specific model of Dynaudio speakers they have in their setup. The Sub 6’s roll-off will then be matched perfectly between the two, turning a two-way system into a three-way one.

Firmware upgrades When we release new speakers, we'll release a firmware update for the Sub 6, adding their new performance maps so the Sub 6 can work just as closely with our latest models as it does with the classics.

Brand-new drivers, tailor-made for subwoofers
Subwoofers need a different balance from their drivers than stereo speakers. That’s why the Sub 6 uses Dynaudio’s new MSP+ Hybrid Drive units, which are made primarily from aluminium for stiffness, and specifically with subwoofers in mind. To counter ringing from the aluminium, it utilises a dual-action damping system that combines paper dampening on the back of the driver and Dynaudio’s own Magnesium Silicate Polymer material in a dampening cap on the front, ensuring the best performance.

The Sub 6 comes in two finishes…

• Black satin lacquer
• White satin lacquer

And its presets are designed to work with these speakers…

• Contour S 1.4 LE
• Contour S 3.4 LE
• Contour 20
• Contour 30
• Contour 60

• Confidence C1
• Confidence C2
• Confidence C4

• Evidence Temptation
• Evidence Platinum
• Evidence Master

• Special Twenty-Five
• Special Forty

• Focus 20 XD
• Focus 30 XD
• Focus 60 XD

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Specification sheet for Sub part 1System:Twin opposed driver, closed box, active DSP subwoofer

Analog inputs:2 x balanced XLR, 2 x unbalanced RCA phono
Analog outputs:2 x balanced XLR, 2 x unbalanced RCA phono
Frequency response (±3dB):16Hz – 230Hz
Auto ON/OFF:Yes
Box Principle:Sealed
Low Pass Filter:Adjustable/preset
Phase Adjustment:0/180 degrees
Specification sheet forSubpart 2Woofer:2 x 24cm MSP + hybrid drive
Amplifier power:500W
AC power input:100 - 120V/220 - 240V 50/60Hz
Standby power consumption:<0.5W

Maximum power consumption:490W
Weight:21.5kg / 45.2lb
Dimensions (W x H x D):447 x 300 x 268mm
Dimensions with feet /grille (W x H x D):470 x 333 x 268mm

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