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The NAP 300 power amplifier incorporates all the advances pioneered by its siblings and adopts the radical two-box configuration of its bigger brother, the NAP 500: one box houses the amplification circuitry, while another – the 300 PS – hosts the power supply components. It also features the new high-calibre Naim Audio NA009 transistors developed for the 500 Series.

The NAP 300 delivers 90W per channel into 8 ohms and is capable of prolonged output into 2 ohms with no discernible impact on performance. The result is both superior purity of tone and immense power.

New Statement Technology

Our flagship Statement amplification system was ten years in the making. The research and development project drew on all of our knowledge and expertise, yielding several breakthroughs in technology. We’ve recently introduced two new technologies from the Statement project to our core range of power amplifiers.

The NAP 300 now features the new NA009 transistors first introduced in Statement. In development for over a year, this key component was created in partnership with a specialist semi-conductor manufacturer to achieve the best possible sound quality. The 300 also includes the high power Naim Audio DR (Discrete Regulator) technology used in Statement to provide the smooth, stable power supply we know is critical for the audio electronics to make music come to life.

These two new technologies, combined with other small improvements to layout and componentry, mean the NAP 300 DR can produce even more of the fundamental musical pace, rhythm and timing that made the originals so popular with music lovers.


90W per channel output into 8 ohms; capable of prolonged output into 2 ohms with no discernible impact on performance
Two-box configuration (300 PS power supply included) minimises electromagnetic interference
High-power Naim Audio DR (Discrete Regulator) technology and NA009 output transistors as used in flagship Statement NAP S1 power amplifier.

NAP 300 DR
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Audio Inputs

Analogue Input
2 x XLR
Input Impedance
Audio Outputs
Frequency Response
-3dB at 2Hz and 70kHz
Minimum Load Impedance

Speaker Outputs
Speaker Outputs
L & R, 4mm “banana” sockets
Power Output
90W/channel, 8Ω
Mains Supply
100V, 115V, 230V; 50 or 60Hz
Power Supply Options
Dimensions (HxWxD)
87 x 432 x 314 mm (excl. 300PS)
Shipping Dimensions
240 x 590 x 500 mm (excl. 300PS)
Shipping Weight
12.6 kg (excl. 300PS)
Supplied with
300PS, Burndy
Brushed and black anodised
Black powder coated

NAP 300 DR
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