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Melco Syncrets Inc. was newly established on April, 2016 as a subsidiary of Melco Holdings Inc. - holding the most well-known and largest computer peripherals manufacturer "Buffalo Inc." in Japan. On Feb, 2014, Buffalo Inc. launched Audiophile NAS Project to present the world`s first audiophile grade source component to access, store and deliver Hi-Res Digital Music without any of the compromises of computers and their peripherals, then debuted MELCO N1 Series at UK on Nov, 2014. To enter into the audio equiment business, Melco Syncrets Inc. became an independent company inherited Melco Audiophile NAS Project from Buffalo Inc. in 2016. The 1st Generation N1Z and N1A Series have achieved great success, changing NAS to a real "Music Library" therefore MELCO N1 Series are both music store and UPnP server, and are also a source for a USB-DAC. MELCO N1 Series are highly appreciated by Hi-Fi magazine Journalists internationally.